mHealth Solution with ODK and Drupal 7

1 minute read

Sanjay Patel and Adam Hammouda from WebFirst will be at University of Maryland’s HCI Lab Symposium this week, presenting on their work on a Open Source mHealth Solution based on Drupal 7. The abstract is below.

“_Many data collection platforms exist in the world of mobile health. Examples of these include: EpiSurveyor, Ushahidi, MOTECH, RapidSMS, FrontlineSMS. While these solutions are low-cost and effective for many mHealth interventions, they are limited in their flexibility, scalability, and ability to publish and share data. In order to fully achieve the goals of the mHealth community (improving access to information, improve data reliability, improve the quality of care by providing better decision-support tools) it is important to consider platforms that are open and well-supported by a large developer community.</p>

By using platforms that have readily available modules, important functions can be easily added at relatively low cost. Some of these functions include: data quality review, workflow, data visualization/GIS and social media sharing, and ability to collect data from and publish to a variety of platforms (web, android, iOS,SMS).

In this workshop, we will discuss the advantages of using Open Data Kit integrated with the Drupal 7 (open source) framework. Drupal 7 will be used as a model through which mobile health researchers can analyze data more effectively and communicate with each other in a more effective and efficient way, furthering mutual goals in public health.

We will demonstrate and discuss: (i) A real-world use case – an immunization reminder system, (ii) Data collection via SMS and Android/j2me phones, (iii) Collect/store GPS location and visualize data with Google maps, (iv) Collect/store multimedia (pictures, audio, video), (v) Ability to define workflow rules and triggers (e.g. reminder settings, data quality), (vi) Ability to publish data to a website and share datasets via social media.</em>“