Collect 1.1.7 and Aggregate 1.0 Betas Released

1 minute read

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released the betas of ODK Collect 1.1.7 and Aggregate 1.0 today! We’re still in the process of adding some features and cleaning things up a bit, but we wanted to get it out so you could begin testing the new functionality. There are some known bugs, so we’ll be updating the betas frequently and working to fix those before the final release.

Among the features added to this release of Collect are multiple questions per screen, several new widgets, and secure data transmission to servers. Aggregate has added a brand new UI, access control for both viewing and submitting data, and ability to run on either locally on Tomcat/MySQL or in the cloud on Google App Engine.

You can see a list of all the features for both here:

Download Collect here and Aggregate here

The extra instructions for installing your own Aggregate instance are here:

Our test Aggregate instance,, has been updated to the 1.0 beta and has sample forms demoing the new functionality.

Please file any bug reports in our issue tracker, and be sure to note that you’re using one (or both) of the betas:

We had a lot of people from the community provide great feedback and code that went into this release, and we’d like to thank everyone for helping to improve and push the project forward!

Enjoy and if you have questions, join the release email thread.