Collect 1.1.7 Beta 2 Released

less than 1 minute read

We just posted ODK Collect 1.1.7 Beta 2 to the website. Thank you so much for all your bug reports so far!

This update includes fixes for the issues discussed on the forum (keyboards and scrolling), dialogs in form downloads/uploads, and constraints in multi-question screens. We’ve also added the ability to ‘save-as’ at the end of a form, and forms will now remember the last selected language on each load. We don’t plan on adding any more features to 1.1.7, but we’re still looking for bug reports and taking feature requests for future releases.

We’re also still in the process of updating the Aggregate 1.0 beta where we’re fixing issues with the local mysql install, access permissions, and displaying audio/video that has been uploaded to the server. We’ll send another note when we’ve pushed the next beta, but keep filing any bugs that you find!

You can download the new beta here.