ODK XLS2XForm Helps Users Design XForms Using Excel

less than 1 minute read

We are pleased to announce a new ODK tool — XLS2XForm. You can find the tool and a tutorial at </use/xls2xform>.

With XLS2XForm, forms can be designed in Excel and converted to a XForm that can be used with ODK tools. XLS2XForm supports the entire range of prompts (even some unreleased ones), constraints and branching, multiple languages and multimedia. And for those making larger and more complex forms, we think you’ll love the spreadsheet form factor.

This XLS2XForm release is possible because of Jeff Beorse. Jeff is one of the finest undergrads we’ve worked with at UW, and his commitment to the ODK project and this tool have been incredible. Thanks also go to the Modi Research Group at Columbia University (especially Matt Berg, Andrew Marder, and Alex Dorey) for creating the first version of the tool, and to Clint Tseng (of Socrata.com and ODK Build) for putting the hosting infrastructure in place.

Please do try out XLS2XForm and let us know what you think. Again, you can find the tool and a tutorial at </use/xls2xform>. Email your questions to opendatakit@googlegroups.com and happy form building!