Using ODK to Enroll Patients for Primary Health Care in India

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IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health (ICTPH) is an NGO building solutions for the provisioning of primary health-care in India. With partner, Sughavazhvu, ICTPH implemented its work in three pilots that have been set up in Thanjavur district in rural Tamil Nadu.

In the pilots, ICTPH used ODK Build, Collect and Aggregate. Data was streamed from Aggregate to Google Fusion Tables and then to their health information management system.

Deepak Rajanna writes on the ICT4CHW mailing list, “The entire enrolment[sic] exercise was completed in under 15 days with fairly good quality, capturing information on about 3000 households consisting of nearly 12500 individuals. This experienc[sic] proved to be repeatable when we replicated this activity at another pilot, Alakudi, in less than 10 days, at nearly half the cost (Rs. 10 per household enrolled in Alakudi, as opposed to Rs.20 at Andipatti). The data collected from the exercise was fed into the HMIS before the RMHC operations began and the usage of ID cards immediately proved an improvement over the earlier method of identification which was based on name search. The systematic enrolment[sic] process also served as a good marketing exercise since it reached every household in the catchment.

The entire process has been documented in incredible detail in their Deploying a Mobile Phone-based Data Collection Tool in Rural Tamil Nadu report.