Video Interview With Clinicians Using ODK in Nigeria

1 minute read

eHealthNigeria (@eHealthNigeria) has a video interview with Dr. Habiba and Dr. Nike from the Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital in Zaria.

The clinicians are using ODK to collect demographic and health information on women living in one of the nearby villages. This is a nice natural experiment because the core ODK team was not involved in the deployment and the only difference between their old method and the new method is the addition of ODK.

In their interview, the clinicians confirm that ODK works well in the field.

  • “[The phone] is easier, honestly. You don’t need to carry bulky files to the field. It’s faster [than the paper].”
  • “My finger is bigger than the tabs…but I think, over time, I got the hang of it. I didn’t really encounter any problems thereafter.”
  • “If a woman answers yes to a certain question, the questions that follows it are different that if she had answered no. I really like that part.”
  • “[The women] really like the picture part! They are just eager for us to take their photos!”

Dr. Habiba’s and Dr. Nike’s feedback adds to a trend we have seen across deployments of all sizes — ODK is faster, easier to use and more efficient than paper.