Introducing Formhub, Free Hosted Data Service for ODK Collect

less than 1 minute read

Very exciting news from the Modi Research Group from Columbia University. They have launched formhub, a free hosted data backend service for ODK Collect for those who don’t want to setup or manage their own server.

Matt Berg writes, “We’ve incorporated the XLS2XForm library directly into formhub. This allows you to upload an xls into formhub and then be deployed directly to your phone. We also provide a nice excel/csv export that provides support for things like repeats and some very basic mapping visualizations. We are also working on incorporating the idea of form sharing (via xls files) into formhub. This is an idea we are really excited about.

formhub is Python/Django, open source and an absolute delight to use. Find out more in the “Data Gatherers of the World Unite” blog post and sign up for an account at

Thanks to the Modi Research Group for their many contributions to the ODK ecosystem and for making data collection a lot easier!