Announcing the ODK Aggregate VM

1 minute read

As you might already know, ODK Aggregate allows users to download blank forms and upload completed forms. Aggregate also enables users to visualize, export and publish form data.

Aggregate can be installed on a local server or in the cloud, but many users find local servers hard to configure or find the cloud insecure. At Nafundi, we think we have found a better way through the ODK Aggregate VM (virtual machine).

The ODK Aggregate VM solves many of the challenges of deployment because it is a fully-configured install of Aggregate that you can run on any computer (desktop, laptop, server). The VM requires very little setup, works well without Internet connectivity, and gives you complete control over your data collection campaign.

  • If you are new to ODK, the VM is a great way to get started with Aggregate v1.3. In a few clicks, you can have the entire server running locally on your computer.
  • If you are an implementer, the VM is the easiest way to get the power and flexibility of Aggregate without Internet access. You can even connect your reporting tools to the underlying MySQL database.
  • If you are a developer, the VM is a perfect test environment. Take snapshots before you try something totally new. If something goes wrong, revert easily.

Regardless of who you are, we think the ODK Aggregate VM is a great way to run Aggregate v1.3. Try it today at!