Protecting the Amazon Rainforest with ODK

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This great “Trading Bows and Arrows for Laptops” video from filmmaker Denise Zmekhol shows how the Surui tribe is using ODK and Google Earth to help protect the Amazon rainforest and their way of life.

ODK’s ability to capture pictures, video, audio and GPS locations has helped the Surui people document the illegal logging that is happening on their lad. In near realtime, they can now also send this data into Google Earth to visualize and validate the carbon reserves of the forest they live in.

As Google Earth Outreach’s Tanya Birch explains, “This process is part of their 50-year sustainability plan, and serves as a model for how indigenous tribes who have lost much of their ancestral land to logging and deforestation can thrive with the help of a new emerging market based on carbon credits.”

Read more about the Surui’s use of technology for carbon stocks and cultural mapping.