ODK Releases v1.4 tools

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Version 1.4 updates to the ODK tools are now available:

ODK Collect 1.4 rev 1037

  • Fix to prevent corruption during encryption. See notes for details.
  • new ‘placement-map’ appearance for geopoint widget. Allows the user to move the location marker on the map.
  • Now uses Android 3.x and 4.x look-and-feel when running on those devices.
  • Several functions have been added for use in calculations.
  • Numerous other bug fixes and enhancements.

See ODK Collect Release Notes for details.

ODK Aggregate 1.4

  • New Google Maps Engine publisher. See Google Maps Engine Instructions for details.
  • Changed behavior: Z-Alpha JSON Server has changed.
  • PostgreSQL fix for issue preventing some form definitions from being uploaded to the server.

See ODK Aggregate Release Notes for details and upgrade instructions.

ODK Validate 1.4

Improve reporting of errors and eliminate some inappropriate warnings.

ODK Briefcase 1.4

Automatically recover submission data when the encrypted submission has been corrupted (partial fix).  See ODK Briefcase Release Notes for details.

ODK FormUploader 1.4