ODK Survey 2.0 BETA now available!

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The BETA for ODK Survey is now available. This is a BETA release.
It is not intended for production use.

Beta releases should never be used for production deployments. Beta releases are provided to gather bug reports (to make the application more robust) and for user feedback on the capabilities of the application. Updates may result in loss of data or incompatible changes in form designs.

Non-technical users may find the usage descriptions difficult to follow and there may be a considerable number of manual steps needed to utilize the tools.

We expect to release a second Beta with an incompatible database change as we align the database structures of ODK Survey, ODK Tables, and ODK Aggregate’s new Tables storage subsystems.

We consider this Beta to be nearly code complete. We are considering changes to how the back button works (both the device back button and the back button within the app). We also expect to change the CSS styling of the widgets to create a flatter, more modern, look-and-feel.

Instructions for ODK Survey are available here.