ODK Collect v1.4.11 available for download

1 minute read

ODK Collect v1.4.11 is now available for download and will be rolling out on Google Play over the next few hours.

This release has some great additions:

  • Adds offline mapping and geoshape/geotrace widgets (docs on this soon!)
  • Adds Ogg and WebM audio/video file types
  • Adds custom functions for external application params

And a number of improvements and fixes:

  • Improves Google Drive and Google Sheets support
  • Improves Markdown support
  • Improves right-to-left internationalization
  • Fixes URLs with spaces that cause crash
  • Fixes unit tests in Markdown feature
  • Fixes device ID is not unique on Android M
  • Fixes crash from playing audio files
  • Fixes translation on bearing widget
  • Fixes null pointers in label

You can find more detail in the release notes.

This is the first community-powered release of ODK Collect and it has been a collaborative effort. Huge thanks to Allison, Brent, Carl, Clarice, Jeff, Jon, Lindsay, Marc, Martijn, Max, Mitch, Nyoman, Sam, and Tanya for their contributions!

We need your contribution to make ODK better. If you are a user, try out this release and report any problems you find in the issue tracker. If you are a developer, we need your help triaging those issues, fixing them, and preparing the next release.