CGIAR's Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security with ODK

April 13th, 2014 by Waylon Brunette

CGIAR's Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security posted a blog entry discussing the benefits and challenges of using ODK for research.

From CGIAR's Blog Post:

What are the benefits from working with online data tools?

“This has so many benefits over using paper forms. All the validation checks we would have done at the ‘data entry’ phase are now conducted at the point of collection. We can even do some extra consistency checks back in the office while the enumerators are still in the field,” Dave continues.

"This really helped us to run the entire project more efficiently. In the first site, I noticed that two forms had been submitted for the same household – with different GPS coordinates. After a quick skype conversation, the enumerator returned to the village the next day to redo that household." 

"With paper forms, we would have spotted the error weeks or months later – far too late to resolve it. These types of issue are inevitable in a project of this scale.  By using the Open Data Kit, we were able to resolve many of them during data collection. This will make analysing and archiving the data much easier,” says Dave.

Profile: Saloni Parikh, UW undergraduate and ODK implementer

March 12th, 2014 by Waylon Brunette

People sometimes ask who are the members of the ODK team? While most members of the "core" ODK team are either University of Washington (UW) graduate students or staff; much of the customization and implementation work for field deployments is done by UW undergraduates. One such undergraduate, Saloni Parikh, was profiled by the UW School of Public Health. Saloni works with UW's Department of Global Health to leverage ODK in Kenya.




ODK Aggregate 1.4.1 with Enketo Webforms integration is now available

February 8th, 2014 by Mitchell Sundt

ODK Aggregate 1.4.1 is now available for download:

The ODK Aggregate VM (maintained by Nafundi) is available as well.

Our site now has Enketo Webforms enabled. Click on the "Enketo Webforms" button at the top of the Submissions page to open a webform to enter submissions online.

See the release notes for details:

ODK Aggregate Release Notes


  1. Enketo Webforms integration. You can now use Enketo's browser-based Webforms to fill-in and publish submissions directly into ODK Aggregate. This feature was developed and donated by SDRC India. To enable Enketo integration, go to the Site Admin / Preferences tab and click on Enketo API Configuration.
  2. fix the Z-ALPHA JSON publisher and the JSON File export to emit an array of zero or more objects, one object per submission, with proper treatment of embedded quotes, no missing comma, etc. Confirmed that the output passes JSLint.
  3. fix the CVS File export functionality to double-up all occurrences of double-quotes in a field before surrounding that field with double quotes (per RFC 4180). This should correct problems with importing text containing double quotes.
  4. clean up date and time handling in REDCap publisher and enforce GMT time zone interpretation when rendering date and time strings.