ODK 2.0 Alpha "rev 122" now available

September 2nd, 2014 by Mitchell Sundt

A Getting Started Guide walks through using and modifying a form, and highlights many of the capabilities of the 2.0 tools, including bi-directional sync with the server.

The 2.0 tools are in Alpha or Beta status. We are referring to the combined set of tools as the "rev 122" software. To understand what we mean by the Alpha and Beta designations, see here

The rev 122 software works with the just-released ODK Aggregate v1.4.4.

Known limitations of this software are described here.

ODK v1.4.4 tools now available

August 29th, 2014 by Mitchell Sundt

There are new v1.4.4 versions of:

ODK Aggregate
  • Installer now asks for an ODK Aggregate username and uses that as the super-user (rather than a gmail account). Eliminates problems with Google OpenID logins by avoiding/obsoleting them.
  • IE 6 and IE 7 are no longer supported.
  • Fix for column naming bug that sometimes impacted tables with 60+character-long field names
  • Many updates to 3rd party libraries
  • Incompatible ODK Tables changes -- if you have tried ODK Tables, see the release notes for upgrade steps.
ODK Collect
  • New feature: delete-after-submit capability and setting. Contributed by Nafundi
  • New feature: saveIncomplete() functionality. Contributed by Nafundi
  • New feature: access form definitions off of Google Drive and publish forms to Google Maps Engine and Picassa (jointly). Contributed by Nafundi
  • New: Czech and Polish translations
  • Fix: when user credentials are changed, the old credentials were not cleared. Contributed by SurveyCTO.
  • Fix: changing user settings were not reflected in user property values referenced by subsequent forms.
  • Fix: crash due to bad french translation
  • Fix: crash when two or more forms referenced the same external itemset
  • Fix: internationalization issue in external itemsets
  • Most documentation has moved to here
  • New prompt type: "select one external" Documentation coming shortly...
ODK Validate
  • Fix: recognizes property('propertyname') function and detects typos in property names

Philippine Red Cross uses ODK for its community health activities

July 25th, 2014 by Waylon Brunette

Red Cross staff and volunteer trainee facilitators held a workshop in Cebu City for community-based health and first aid (CBHFA) to promote health in vulnerable communities. Part of the workshop was practicing mobile data collection methods using the Open Data Kit Collect. Read more about the workshop on the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies website story.