Urgent Need for ODK Assistance – East Africa Famine

1 minute read

David Pablo Cohn is a friend of the ODK team, a long time Google employee, and an all around nice guy. He just sent out an urgent call to our mailing list for help with an ODK deployment.

He writes, _“I’m putting a call out on behalf of an organization trying to use ODK and related technology to help respond to the unfolding famine in East Africa. The Royal Veterinary College is supporting Vetaid Kenya and other Vetaid partners in the South East of the country – where some grazing and food stocks remain – to try and help the pastoralists breeding stock alive through the next 6 months. Obviously the priority has rightly been feeding the people first but without their livestock there is little chance of hem ever leaving the camps and returning to their pastoral way of life.</p>

They’ve trying to figure out how to use the G1 phones they’re receiving from Google to monitor vaccination coverage/drought conditions in the affected area – the intention is to make this data available for the NGOs, FAO, Government and even to raise awareness amongst UK donors. They specifically need someone who can help them

  • Establish the data collection and surveillance system using mobiles in the field
  • Facilitate communication between the field, other partners and government using mobile technology
  • Set up a reporting system where their field workers can visualise the situation using video/images to share with sponsors/supporters/press internationally through a web interface

It would probably not need anybody travelling to Nairobi – just somebody back stopping the setting up of the Android data collection system and providing technical support.

I’m posting this here hoping that someone in the ODK community has the spare cycles to step in for the short term and help them set the system up. The potential effect on human life, both short term and long, is enormous. If you think you might be able to help, please contact Nick Short (nshort@rvc.ac.uk) of the Royal Veterinary College for more information.”</em>

If you are familiar with ODK and can help, please reach out to Nick as soon as you can. Thanks!