Kiva using ODK in Kenya

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A recent Kiva blog post entitled “Technology in the Field: the Future of Microfinance” discusses their use of Open Data Kit:

When I applied to the Kiva Fellows program, I knew I’d be spending some time ‘in the field’, but I didn’t know I’d be out there transmitting Kiva profile information from a mobile tablet to Google’s Open Data Kit (ODK) platform!  After writing an automated survey interface and configuring the Android device, next I was on the farm with a loan officer collecting borrower responses, which were uploaded straight to the internet, Kiva photo included.

Gotta love open source – an affordable way to do business in the field! And good thing some previous Kiva Fellows supported me during my learning phase, while I assimilated xml tricks, mobile device settings, GPS performance attributes and form management into my workplan. The loan officers I worked with during testing were actually the most thankful: they can’t wait to get beyond paper and agree that their increased efficiency and reporting capability will justify the upgrade.

Read the blog post here or alternatively here.

Photo capture integrated with the survey

Juhudi loan officer using mobile app to capture Kiva profile info