Task Force and Nafundi release codebook generator for ODK

June 11th, 2013 by Yaw Anokwa

LINKS is an ODK-based data collection, reporting, and management system created by the The Task Force for Global Health. As part of their work, the LINKS team provides their users with a finalized dataset and a codebook that explains that dataset. Generating a codebook can be tedious work, so the LINKS team hired the consultants at Nafundi to automate the process.

Nafundi has created LINKS Codebook, a desktop application which takes an ODK compliant XForm and generates a codebook in PDF (with multiple languages). Codebook is perfect for users who download ODK datasets and need to understand what variables correspond with what prompts. It's free, easy to use, and as you can see below, produces beautiful codebooks.

Download and try LINKS Codebook v1.1 today. If you are a developer, try the code repo.