ODK opens door to improved survey data for agriculture

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An agrilinks post discusses how ODK can be leveraged for M&E as part of USAID’s Feed the Future program.

“The project’s work with ODK is just one example of USAID’s public commitment to develop and scale innovation through strategic partnerships with the private sector. Within USAID Forward, smarter data use is placed center stage in the Agency’s efforts to increase transparency, collaboration, and impact.”

“Using the ODK development interface, the project was able to develop a core template for the data collection survey that was then modified based on the specific data collection needs and regional differences of each country. Also, in-country teams were able to provide feedback gathered from training sessions and testing to identify modifications to the core template. Taking advantage of the integrated nature of the ODK Collect survey tool and ODK Aggregate server, surveys could be quickly modified, tested, and released for further testing or data collection. This rapid prototyping method could be particularly valuable for those conducting surveys on a similarly large scale.”

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