ODK v1.4.4 tools now available

1 minute read

There are new v1.4.4 versions of:

ODK Aggregate
  • Installer now asks for an ODK Aggregate username and uses that as the super-user (rather than a gmail account). Eliminates problems with Google OpenID logins by avoiding/obsoleting them.
  • IE 6 and IE 7 are no longer supported.
  • Fix for column naming bug that sometimes impacted tables with 60+character-long field names
  • Many updates to 3rd party libraries
  • Incompatible ODK Tables changes — if you have tried ODK Tables, see the release notes for upgrade steps.
ODK Collect
  • New feature: delete-after-submit capability and setting. Contributed by Nafundi
  • New feature: saveIncomplete() functionality. Contributed by Nafundi
  • New feature: access form definitions off of Google Drive and publish forms to Google Maps Engine and Picassa (jointly). Contributed by Nafundi
  • New: Czech and Polish translations
  • Fix: when user credentials are changed, the old credentials were not cleared. Contributed by SurveyCTO.
  • Fix: changing user settings were not reflected in user property values referenced by subsequent forms.
  • Fix: crash due to bad french translation
  • Fix: crash when two or more forms referenced the same external itemset
  • Fix: internationalization issue in external itemsets


  • Most documentation has moved to here
  • New prompt type: “select one external” Documentation coming shortly…
ODK Validate
  • Fix: recognizes property(‘propertyname’) function and detects typos in property names