March 31st, 2015 by Mitchell Sundt

"Sign in with Google" for ODK Aggregate will cease to function beginning April 20th.


ODK Aggregate 1.4.5: provide all users that have been accessing the webserver via "Sign in with Google" (e.g., Gmail account) with an ODK Aggregate username and password (you must specify an initial password) to use instead of their Google credentials after April 19th.

Be sure to Save Changes to apply these changes!

ODK Aggregate 1.4.4 and earlier: create an ODK Aggregate username and grant it Site Admin permissions and an initial password. Use this username instead of the Google account specified in the installer when administering the system after April 19th.

As described in the 1.4.5 action section, above, define ODK Aggregate usernames and passwords for all users of your website.

Be sure to Save Changes to apply these changes!

Consider upgrading to 1.4.5 to prevent the accidental deletion of this "super-user" username (and the resulting inaccessibility of your server) ( see AggregateReleaseNotes for upgrade steps).