Announcing the ODK Discussion Series

1 minute read

I’m excited to announce the launch of the ODK Discussion Series! The goal of the discussion series is to explore the many and varied uses of ODK around the world, as well as to celebrate the contribution of Gaetano Borriello, the visionary behind the ODK project, who passed away earlier this year, far too young.

Starting Oct 5th, each week will begin with a brief post on the ODK Community email list and during the course of the week, we’ll have back and forth questions, answers, and general discussion. The goal of each discussion is to look at both what worked and did not work and/or explore important topics related to mobile data collection.

We’ve got a number of great presenters and topics lined up already:

And we’re very happy to have more. Join the ODK Community email list and chime in, or email me ( if you’d like to be added to the schedule.

Thanks to Neal Lesh for putting this series together and I’m looking forward to a great discussion!