Bolivian Red Cross and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies use ODK to combat Zika

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From the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies post:

To complement the knowledge regarding the surveillance model for Zika, the visit included a workshop for volunteers in Riberalta on Open Data Kit (ODK), an Android based mobile data collection tool capable of sending real time results from the field to an online server, regardless of the availability of functional internet service.  This 15 hour workshop was attended by 29 volunteers, 28 of whom are women.  With this training, the Riberalta branch will be able to carry out the activities in their action plan in a more secure and efficient manner.

In addition, a team of Bolivian Red Cross staff and IFRC delegates had the opportunity to collect data on 120 households in five neighborhoods identified as priorities in the Bolivian Red Cross action plan for conducting KAP (Knowledge, Skill and Practice) studies. As part of the Zika Operation in the Americas, KAP studies are a key activity for National Societies and the IFRC, as they provide data regarding the effectiveness of the response and of the information reaching the communities.

Link to full IFRC post.