ODK Collect v1.4.16 available for download

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Over the last month, we’ve been focusing on fixing long-standing crashes in ODK Collect and the result of that work is today’s release. And if that sounds boring, don’t worry, we managed to squeeze in a few new features too!

ODK Collect v1.4.16 (Download)

Thanks to Marcos, Neil, paraschadha2052, Ratikanta, Rasmus, and Shobhit for their contributions to this release! The improvements since our last monthly release are:

  • Add view sent forms
  • Add autocomplete for select ones
  • Add usage data collection
  • Add reset application
  • Add quick attribute support for cascading selects
  • Removes ODK Collect from app bar
  • Fixes filter out non-printable characters from barcodes to avoid crash
  • Fixes auto advance when user selects value that was previously selected
  • Fixes crash when CSV has blank columns
  • Fixes Indonesian translations
  • Fixes crash when picking date/time in daylight savings gap
  • Fixes multidex crash in Android 4.4
  • Fixes Replace Toggle All with Select All and Clear All
  • Fixes SQLiteException when sending form
  • Fixes answers from lower levels in cascading select are not cleared
  • Fixes Prev button is enabled on first question
  • Fixes Edit Saved Form count doesn’t match editable form count

Read full release notes: https://github.com/opendatakit/collect/releases

Report any issues: https://github.com/opendatakit/collect/issues