Connect QGIS layers and ODK forms with QgisODK

less than 1 minute read

Did you know that there is a rich ecosystem of plugins and integrations that work with ODK tools? One example is the QgisODK plugin for the free and open source geographic information system QGIS.

“The Qgis plugin allows to build a “on field” mobile survey in few minutes starting from a Qgis layer and get back collected data with the help of Open Data Kit tools and services. […] The QgisODK plugin generates forms (XlsForm/XForm) directly from loaded data sources converting the Qgis field Types to Odk Types according to Qgis Field Widget, upload ready to use forms to an ODK Aggregate server (at the moment the plugin supports and google drive) and retrieve collected data back to QGis.”

Read more in this blog post and download the QgisODK plugin here. Enrico Ferreguti, QgisODK creator, would love to hear about how you use QgisODK. Email him at

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