IMPORTANT: Moving from Google Groups to Discourse on Friday

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We’ve successfully migrated all the emails from Google Groups to the ODK Forum at Join us there!

Per our discussions on the mailing list, the ODK community is migrating from the Google Groups mailing lists to a Discourse forum. The timeline for the migration is as follows:

Monday – May 29th, 8 am PDT

  • Post migration announcement to website, Twitter, Facebook
  • Post migration reminder to mailing lists

Thursday – June 1st, 8 am PDT

  • Post final migration reminder to mailing lists

Friday – June 2nd, 8 am PDT

  • Put mailing lists in read-only mode
  • Start migration of mailing lists to Discourse

Sunday – June 4th, 8 am PDT

  • Open Discourse forum to the public
  • Update Google Groups to point users to Discourse
  • Post update to website, Twitter, Facebook

Note that there may be up to 48 hours of unavailability of the mailing lists between Friday the 2nd and Sunday the 4th as we migrate everything over.

To keep the community in the loop during the migration, we will be in on the #meta channel with play-by-play updates. We’ll also post major updates to status on and