There are countless folks who made ODK what it is. Below are the people who have gone above and beyond.

Core Development Team

Gaetano Borriello (1959-2015), Richard Anderson, Waylon Brunette, Clarice Larson, Mitch Sundt, Jeff Beorse

Core Development Team Alumni

Yaw Anokwa (Nafundi), Nathan Breit, Rohit Chaudhri, Nicola Dell, Carl Hartung (Nafundi), Adam Lerer (D. E. Shaw Research)

Significant Code Contributors

Meletis Margaritis (SurveyCTO), Dylan Price, Sam Sudar, Clint Tseng (Socrata), Hilary Worden

Code Contributors

Ryan Atherton, Jeff Beorse,  Brian DeRenzi, Anton DeWinter (Dimagi), Alex Dorey (Modi Research Group), Neil Hendrick (Harvard Humanitarian Initiative), Harlan Hile (Google), YoonSung Hong, Daniel Kayiwa (OpenMRS), Andrew Marder (Modi Research Group), Sam Mbuga (Mindflow Systems),  Chris Robert (SurveyCTO), Drew Roos (Dimagi), Clayton Sims (Dimagi)

Code Patches, Documentation, Translation, and Other Contributions

Sean Askay (Google), Andrius Balsevicius, Curtis Broderick, Julie Chin (Google), Sunil Garg, Francesc Garre, James Hu, Mark Ivey (Google), Owen Kim, Jessica Leung, Moon Hwan Oh, Will Pitts, Tran Hong Quang(HSPH), Soyong Shin, Euzel Villanueva, Jimmy Zhang

If we forgot to add you, we are very sorry about the oversight. Please email