Below are the released and supported ODK projects.

  • Build - ODK Build enables users to generate forms using a drag-and-drop form designer. Build is implemented as an HTML5 web-based application and targets the common use case of a simple form.
  • Collect - ODK Collect is powerful phone-based replacement for your paper forms. Collect is built on the Android platform and can collect a variety of form data types: text, location, photos, video, audio, and barcodes.
  • Aggregate - ODK Aggregate provides a ready to deploy online repository to store, view and export collected data. Aggregate can run on Google's reliable and free infrastructure as well as on local servers backed by MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Form Uploader - ODK Form Uploader easily upload a blank form and its media files to ODK Aggregate.
  • Briefcase - ODK Briefcase is the best way to transfer data from Collect and Aggregate.
  • Validate - ODK Validate ensures that you have a OpenRosa compliant form -- one that will also work with all the ODK tools.
  • XLS2XForm - ODK XLS2XForm allow XForms to be designed with Excel.

The source code is available on our developer site.