XLSForm Offline and ODK Aggregate VM are now free

July 8th, 2015 by Waylon Brunette

Yesterday, XLSForm Offline was $95 and ODK Aggregate VM was $995. Today, Nafundi has made both XLSForm Offline and ODK Aggregate VM free. Forever!

The announcement on Nafundi's blog reads, "this is an unconventional way to price software, but Nafundi has always been an unconventional company. And while we've set suggested prices that ensure we can continue to add features and provide support, you can now pay whatever you'd like for XLSForm Offline and ODK Aggregate. We hope that with this model, those who can pay continue to do so. And for those who cannot, we hope this makes your data collection campaigns a little easier!"

You can find out more about XLSForm Offline and ODK Aggregate VM below.

  • XLSForm Offline: The simplest offline form designer for ODK
    XLSForm Offline is an app for Windows and Mac that converts data collection forms created with XLSForm into XForms that can be used by the ODK Collect mobile app or ODK Aggregate server. XLSForm Offline also validates the XForm, ensuring that it will run perfectly with all ODK tools. Download at XLSForm Offline.
  • ODK Aggregate VM: The easiest way to install an ODK server
    The ODK Aggregate VM is a fully-configured copy of ODK Aggregate that runs on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. It works offline, provides complete control over where your data is stored, and requires virtually no setup. It's the easiest way to install ODK Aggregate. Download at ODK Aggregate VM.

Nafundi's Yaw Anokwa honored by University of Washington for his work on Open Data Kit

June 16th, 2015 by Carl Hartung

Every year, the University of Washington College of Engineering selects four outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of engineering and presents each with a Diamond Award. This year, ODK co-founder and Nafundi CEO, Yaw Anokwa was selected for the Diamond Award for Distinguished Service. The committee chose Yaw out of the tens of thousands of alumni because of his use of technology in helping the under-served.

The video below that played at the awards ceremony describes why Yaw is an ideal honoree. It has great insights from well-known ICTD researchers Nicola Dell and Kentaro Toyama on how Yaw and the rest of the ODK team's community-focused management of the project enabled its success.

The video also has examples of Yaw's commitment to the under-served, including Nafundi's work with WHO documenting polio coverage in South Sudan, with WWF protecting gorilla habitat in DR Congo, and with AMPATH counseling and testing over a million people for HIV in Kenya.

Yaw and I have been working together since the start of ODK and what I say at the end of video is as true today as it was then. As long as there are people collecting data who need help, we will be there to help.

From the ground to the cloud: forest monitoring in Hutan Aceh

April 7th, 2015 by Yaw Anokwa

Hutan Aceh is the endangered home of tigers, elephants, orangutans and rhinos. EIA International and local activists from Koalisi Peduli Hutan Aceh (KPHA) protect this home by documenting forest crimes with Open Data Kit. The geo-tagged forms, rich with photos, provide the evidence needed to save habitat.

EIA has a great post on the Hutan Aceh project, and the video below does a great job explaining the project. Visit hutan-aceh.com to view images from the ground.