This page has been deprecated.

For information on using Open Data Kit, see the Getting Started Guide in the new ODK Documentation site.

To use ODK, you need to do three things -- design a form, setup a server, and connect the device to that server. Once those three things are done, you'll be ready to start data collection.

You'll need three tools:

  • Build or XLSForm -- to design your survey form.
  • Collect -- running on an Android device to download and fill-in the survey.
  • Aggregate -- for hosting the survey form and gathering the survey results. Alternatively, Briefcase can be used to gather the survey results (but you'll need to manually place the survey form onto the Android device).

If any of this sounds complicated, we promise it's not! As one user said, "the instructions on the ODK site for doing this were easy-breezy to follow." If you run into problems, ask questions on the ODK forum.

Below is a demo video of Collect, our Android-based data collection client. Watch it, then start with the instructions for Collect, then try Build and Aggregate. For longer forms and more complicated branching, we recommend using XLSForm to design your form.