March 2014 - rev 120

Alpha and Beta releases are not intended for production use.

This page contains the documentation specific to the March 2014 coordinated Alpha/Beta Release.

This is an older version of our software.

The websites referenced in this documentation will generally have been updated to work with the newer software, and therefore may not function with this older release.

Where practical, we have provided zip files of the ApplicationDesigner environment used in creating those sites. See Survey and Tables Aux Files

Non-technical users may find the usage descriptions difficult to follow and there may be a considerable number of manual steps needed to utilize the tools.

  • ODK Aggregate Tables 2.0 Alpha-2 Extensions -- enhancements to support bi-directional data synchronization across disconnected devices.
  • ODK Application Designer v2.0 Alpha-1 -- a design environment for creating, customizing and previewing your forms and data curation and visualization applications.
  • ODK Legacy XML v2.0 Alpha-1 -- part of the Application Designer that converts formDef.json files generated from the XLSXConverter into xml files that can be used to upload data to ODK Aggregate.
  • ODK Theme Generator v2.0 Alpha-1 -- part of the Application Designer that customizes the appearance of ODK Survey forms.
  • ODK XLSXConverter v2.0 Beta-2 -- part of the Application Designer that allowsconversion that transforms an XLSX description of a survey (form) into the intermediate representation used by ODK Survey.
  • ODK Survey v2.0 Beta-2 -- HTML and Javascript based data-collection app for Android phones and tablets (a more customizable, flexible, ODK Collect).
  • ODK Tables v2.0 Alpha-2 -- Java, HTML and Javascript based data-visualization and analysis app for Android phones and tablets (moving data curation out of the server and onto the device).