Legacy XML - rev 206

The documentation on this page corresponds to rev 206 (August 2016) of the tools suite. See Older Versions for documentation on earlier releases of this suite.

Release Designation

ODK Legacy XML rev 206 (August 2016) conversion tool is designated Alpha software.

See Release Designations for the meaning of this designation.


This has be deprecated. In earlier releases, the legacy XML form was the mechanism for using ODK Survey as a replacement for ODK Collect. This mechanism constructs an ODK 1.x XML form for the underlying ODK 2.0 data table. This XML form definition, when uploaded to ODK Aggregate, could enable the uploading of data from ODK Survey into ODK Aggregate's ODK 1.x (ODK Collect) data pipeline. The direct submission functionality has been removed from ODK Survey. It is unclear whether this capability will be re-established in the future or if other tools, such as ODK Suitcase, will provide equivalent capabilities.

This conversion tool is currently retained for reference and possible future use, either once again on the device or for form publishing within the server.

The ODK Legacy XML conversion tool converts formDef.json files generated from the XLSXConverter into ODK 1.x-style XML files that can be used to create ODK 1.x submission data tables on ODK Aggregate for submissions from ODK Survey.

NOTE: The XForms definition file (.xml) is unusable by ODK Collect 1.x. It only contains enough information to support publishing of data into ODK Aggregate.

NOTE: The ODK Legacy XML  rev 206 (August 2016) tool produces a legacy ODK 1.x form definition compatible with rev 124. You can continue to use the form definition created from the rev 124 tool unchanged. Otherwise, if you were using an earlier version of the tool, you must delete the older form definition and use the new form definition in order to publish into your ODK Aggregate server.