This page has been deprecated.

See ODK Form Validate.

ODK Validate ensures that you have an OpenRosa compliant XForm -- one that will also work with all the ODK tools.


  1. Navigate to downloads/download-category/validate/ and download ODK Validate vN.N.N.jar.
  2. Double click the file to start. If that fails, try running 'java -jar path_to_jar' from the command line.
  3. Once Validate launches, select your XForm to validate. If there are errors, Validate will list them all.
  4. You can change the XForm, save it and press Validate Again as you iterate over your from.

Useful Notes

  1. ODK has a few additional restrictions that may not be tested by this tool. In particular, a form id must be defined for the form to work in Aggregate.