XLSForm (formerly XLS2Xform) is a tool to simplify the creation of forms. Forms can be designed with Excel and XLSForm will convert them to XForms that can be used with ODK tools.

Using the Application

  1. To design your form read XLSForm form design help and check out the sample Excel file.
  2. Once your xls form is ready submit it for conversion in the area on this page

Other XLSForm converters

  • For Windows users, a standalone (non-web-based) version of this tool (without the error report) is also available on our downloads page here. If you use that tool, you should also download ODK Validate (from here) and run the generated form through that tool to generate an error report.
  • Nafundi's XLSForm Offline is an app for Windows and Mac that can convert and validate forms. It's always available, very fast, and easy to use.
  • pyxform is a Python library. It works offline and can be used on the command line to convert forms.
  • XLSForm is also available through Formhub.org and Ona.io. Both services require Internet connection and also make it easy to share converted forms and collected data.

Useful Notes

  • enketo previews generated from this converter will not include media.
  • Forms do not have to be uploaded to Aggregate before they are used. They can be manually added to Collect. Simply place them in the /odk/forms folder on your Android device’s SD card.
  • For a simpler, more user friendly form designer, try Build. For more powerful form designers, try Vellum, Kobo, or Enketo or PurcForms. We also have sample forms and form design documentation. And in particular, design guidelines if you wish to design forms manually.
  • When this tool was renamed to XLSForm there were many changes to the syntax. The new version is mostly backwards compatible with the old syntax.
  • XLSForm works with ODK Collect version 1.1.7 or later.